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Beautiful and flexible office spaces

If you are looking for a prime city centre serviced office, Vector Land has the ideal solution. We offer cost-effective serviced offices that are designed to give you a professional and impressive image, yet at an affordable price. Our serviced offices are located in central locations that are easily accessible and convenient. What’s more we kit-out all locations with the latest in office technology, not to mention the free 100mb broadband available to all customers via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. We also offer our serviced office users access to our state-of-the-art meeting and video conferencing room which are available on a very flexible basis. The flexibility of our services means that regardless of whether your business has 1 or 100 people, we will meet your needs and you’ll be able to expand at a pace that is right for you without high overheads or long-term commitments.

Select the virtual office option that suits your business

A virtual office is an all encompassing label, essentially describing services which provide businesses with a mixture of off-site live communication solutions and/or address and postal services. It therefore allows businesses to carry out day-to-day requirements without any physical presence.

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Please contact Ms. Vân An at anhtv@vectorland.vn or Mobile +84 939 021 954 – Tel: +84 28 3547 2118 / 2119