Vector Aviation Co. Ltd was founded in Vietnam in 2004 with the aim of meeting the growing demands of the air cargo, aviation and tourism representation market. While airlines dominated our radar screen in the beginning, what we quickly learned was that other segments of the aviation industry, such as tourist boards, aircraft leasing, charters, airport supervision, training, were also looking for the thorough market intelligence and extensive market access we provide.

In contrast to all other global competitors, Vector Aviation established a worldwide network of self-owned offices that currently numbers 10, thus guaranteeing a maximum of financial stability and flexibility for our customers, especially in terms of global market approach.

Today the Vector Aviation is Vietnam’s leading tourism and airline management company with approx. 20 airlines and 10 tourism accounts in its portfolio. Our fast growing company is continuously finding new opportunities to expand as we base our reputation and outstanding service on our core values such as curiosity and creativity.

We spend our time and efforts to commercialize our clients’ products as well as looking after their interests both in commercial and operational issues. Our offices network covers the whole of the Vietnam territory and Indochina including, but not limited to Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, offering a wide range of services and destinations to our customers.  

ProfessionalismFaithfulness to our customers
Our staff is proud of offering a service based in professionalism and qualityFrom commercial services to marketing and from airport representation to legal assistance.
VersatilityConstant evolution
A network of offices being in constant growth in all over AsiaOur working procedures can be easily adapted to any requirement from any of our customers.