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Vector Aviation Executive Flight Centre Services

FBO Service

Catering to charters, airlines, cargo carriers, helicopters, business and corporate jets and small commercially owned and private aircraft.


Vector Aviation is agent of Mercury re-fueling services. Our staff is professional and efficient, always able to meet tight timelines. Our competitive prices, uninterrupted fuel supply, stringent quality control and operating procedures make Vector Aviation the only obvious place to refuel.

Airport Management

Executive Flight Centre manages airports. Our dedicated staff has the experience to look after all operations included in operating a safe and efficient airport. We currently manage airports that have traffic ranging from small aircraft to large wide body passenger aircraft.

Ground Handling

If you require aircraft handling services including towing, baggage unloading, de-icing
ground power service, lavatory service, air starts, oxygen refills, potable water, etc. Executive Flight Centre is the one to call. We have handled all types of aircraft and have numerous equipments at all our locations.


Airbus Bj 319
Challenger 600
Falcon 900
Boeing 757.200ER