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Whether you are looking for a passenger or cargo charter, Vector Aviation understands that you cannot take this decision lightly and will need expert advice you can rely on.

Our experienced team will discuss YOUR specific needs with you to provide a range of aircraft options and point out the pros and cons of each option.
Once you have made your decision we keep everything simple for you and set up the operation with the carrier by providing you with a detailed flight briefing designed to ensure that you are comfortable and have all the information you need.

Our professional and determined focus on Customer Service including 24/7 contact details and our ongoing flight monitoring are designed to ensure you can relax and focus on your business while confidently leave the chartering side of things to us.

Our experience and creative approach to finding solutions can often mean that chartering an aircraft is not the only solution for your needs. More cost effective alternatives that do not compromise the service levels and priorities you need can be found, so please contact us to discuss your requirements at any time.


Vector Aviation is also a leasing company specializing in mid to long term operating leases and lease purchase financing for transport aircraft. We will consider acquisition of an aircraft you require for the purpose of leasing it to your airline. We will consider start-ups as well as established carriers. If you have located one or more aircrafts that meet your requirements, please send specifications and acquisition cost and we will promptly respond with a competitive proposal.
If you are having difficulty locating a suitable aircraft, we will utilize our global resources to assist you in locating the aircraft that meets your requirements.

For further information, Please send us email to: